Mountain Prominence in the Rhineland

Around Bonn there are 70 peaks with 100 or more meters of mountain prominence. I identified them within a 80-km-radius around the place where I live. I checked detailed topographic maps and marked all suitable peaks in a map, together with their individual key saddle (= „prominenzrelevante Scharte“) and connecting watersheds. Red labels mark elevations of more than 150 meters of prominence, green labels the smaller ones.

Look here:

These are the top 10 prominence peaks in the here described area of the Rhineland: 

# Peak Elevation (m) Prominence (m) District
1 Hohe Acht 747 m 528 m AW / MYK
2 Nordhelle 663 m 265 m MK
3 Alarmstange 545 m 246 m WW
4 Kinheimer Berg 421 m 229 m WIL
5 Fuchskaute 657 m 227 m WW
6 Schwarzer Mann 697 m 215 m BIT
7 Gr. Oelberg 460 m 205 m SU
8 Asberg 441 m 199 m NR
9 Hoher Wald 656 m 195 m SI / OE
10 Hochkessel 420 m 168 m COC

Computation of the mountain score of all these Rhineland peaks is work still to be done.